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You will learn...

The One Type of Feedback You Really Need To Get Promoted

Not all feedback is created equal, and often the level of feedback you receive is left to chance. Learn how to proactively get feedback, and to do it in a way that supports your continued success.

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How to Negotiate Your Salary In a Way That's Well Received

Most people use a long list of achievements and benchmarks to fight for a promotion. But the truth is, in seeking a promotion, as in life, what you say is not as important as how you say it.

Why You're Burnt Out At Work, Job after Job after Job

If you're a high performer, chances are you have a complex set of drivers when it comes to your career. Gaining clarity into what you actually want, not just at work but beyond, brings alignment to your life and a level of joy to your career.

The Research-Backed Method For Successful Salary Negotiations

You may have been led to believe that the salary for your next position is somewhat fixed. But the truth is, you can radically increase your total compensation if you can lay the right groundwork and ask the right way.

How to Own the Agenda and Lead Meetings Like a Boss

Part of securing a promotion is building visible workplace authority and control. One of the most overlooked ways to easily do this is to lead excellent meetings consistently. This is a rare, but easily learned skill that helps you to stand out among the leadership on your team.

What to NEVER Do By Email

If you do this, you'll be consistently passed over for key projects and responsibilities and be left scratching your head wondering why you're not getting the rewards that you deserve.


Maria Yagoda

Senior Editor, Food and Wine Magazine

Maya Dantzler

Senior Marketing Manager, DE&I Advisory Firm

Lisa Yuan

Strategy Consultant, Healthcare Consulting Firm

Ayesha Faines

Founder & CEO,
Women Love Power

Sharifa Love

Development Manager, LGBTQ Advocacy Firm

Your Instructor

Sable Worthy

From a young age, I knew that there was more to success than hard work alone.

You see, I grew up in west L.A. surrounded by the rich and famous, and I quickly saw that the relationship between the two was tenuous at best…

What really struck me was how there were all these informal skills and viewpoints around asking for money and asserting your worth that were passed down to my friends from their parents…

Unsurprisingly, these friends were then the ones who always pushed for more, negotiated their first job offers and were extremely persuasive with the people around us in power.

I realized then that hard work and technical training only get you so far.

What you really need to succeed in getting what you want and deserve are the soft skills around persuasion, negotiation and communication…

(As well as research-backed methods to develop a positive money mindset, for those of us who weren’t so lucky to inherit one right off the bat!)

My whole life, I’ve taken this lesson to heart, acquiring the skills to land multiple back to back promotions, counsel my close friends on salary negotiations as well as to run a multiple six figure ad company from 2016-2020, all by leveraging the same underlying skillset. 

And now, for the first time, I’m breaking down my proactive job promotion process step by step. I will give you the clarity and confidence to secure the promotion you want, and build a career that satisfies and excites you. 

I promise you won’t find a better offer or method on how to do this out there. I know, because I’ve tried! 

Confidence. Clarity. Accelerated.

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